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What's it all about?

GEO is the voice of freedom from the Asian subcontinent. It highlights the issues of concern and the cultural richness of its people through information, discussion and entertainment. GEO propagates transparency of responsibility that ensures its position as a credible and meaningful source of information, through quality programming based on real issues. GEO provides entertainment audiences can relate to, thereby creating viewer loyalty and response.


GEO informs and entertains while celebrating cultures and prompting dialogue in the spirit of "live and let live".

Geo will deliver a new and exciting brand of TV, inspiring the British Asians to demand a new level of entertainment.


The programming covers videos, new releases, movies, online and games news amongst other great content like reviews, interviews, discussions and chat shows. A general entertainment channel with exciting content covering all genres, drama, Infotainment, comedy, movies, news and children's programmes.

GEO is known for its cutting edge sensational news articles and breaking news. Part of the Jang group of Newspapers (Pakistan's News Corp.), a strong news team of young, dedicated professionals working to a common cause – NEWS!

Programming highlights

GEO Lifestyle - GEO's one stop shop to city life for the metrosexual and Divas of the modern young professional world.

The Nadia Khan Show is an extraordinary episode to spice the Saturday morning of our viewers with the crispy and catchy scenes of Nadia Khan Show.

Sandwich - You think a nagging wife is the worst trouble, how about two. Sandwich is the hilarious story of a showbiz producer..who in weak moments ties the nuptial knots with two unsuspecting but equally possessive ladies?

Audience Type

GEO has taken advantage of the rise of the middle classes as the dominant group in Asian population today. Content which appeals to the aspirational, digitally savvy BritAsian of the 21st Century. A truly family orientated channel, with something for everyone, kids, teenagers, young adults, young and old families and the mature.

The audience is ABC1 young hip and savvy, cross boundaries, following the latest trends, brand conscious, have money will spend! The ages go across the board, with children's programmes all the way to cultural and current affairs.


On application

Technical Details

Target Audience: British Asians, Adults

Language: Urdu / English

Copy Deadline: 1 Week

Copy Format: 4:3 Mini DV (Beta SP acceptable)

Broadcast Hours: 24 Hours

EPG: 815 (Free To Air)

Satellite: Eurobird 1

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